Bonds of Water and Salt

Bonds of Water and Salt

What would you trade for freedom and wealth? This simple decision is the difference between life and death. Find out how the dice roll in the anticipated sequel to Chain of Salt and Water.

Millions of lives hang in the balance while Anthony and Lianna fight to keep the cure for a deadly virus protected from the onslaught of people who want it destroyed. When an elite team is paid big bucks to confiscate it, a dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues, and the body count rises.

With a bounty on their heads, Anthony and Lianna soon can’t trust anyone, not even each other. As their relationship tears apart and Lianna is manipulated by a deadly double agent, Anthony is left wondering what happened to the woman he loves.

In this heart-pounding conclusion where greed is a poison, can Anthony save Lianna, or will the cure cost them both their lives? Will Anthony turn a cold shoulder on his dream walking abilities, even though the strange and eerie parallel to his waking world could be a way to save them all?

Readers who enjoy thrillers with a slow burn and a hefty dose of mystery along with paranormal undertones will enjoy this story. Grab your copy today!

Chain of Salt and Water 

Intricately woven, this psychological thriller is packed with intrigue and begs the question... Would you risk your own life and the lives of those you love to save millions marked as sinners?

When two college students rescue the cure for a deadly virus from destruction, no one and nowhere is safe. By day, Anthony and Lianna must outrun and outsmart a faceless killer before they pay the ultimate price—their lives.

By night, dream walking becomes a terrifying exercise of mind and body. If Anthony can't learn to control his unique dream walking abilities, then the Reaper will continue to drag unsuspecting souls to the darkest depths of the underworld. Agendas with dangerous consequences lurk around every corner, but Anthony and Lianna can't stop or the people they care about will be lost forever.

As lives cross and intertwine, mysteries are exposed and killer’s motives unravel. Anthony and Lianna discover not everything is what it seems, and sometimes those you trust the most hide the truest evil.

Readers who enjoy thrillers with a slow burn and a hefty dose of mystery along with dark and vengeful religious and paranormal undertones will enjoy this story. Grab your copy today!

A shadow vanishes and a breath fades. What lies behind a locked door will change everything. 

A lonely dirt road. A locked metal door out of place. Something or someone has to be behind it. Is it the help Anton needs? Or is it something more ominous? 

Lost and injured, he searches for answers amidst the fog. As the mysteries of his past begin to unravel the details aren't quite what he remembers them to be. Anton soon discovers that whatever exists on the other side of the door beckons his very soul. Is he ready to face the truth of his actions? Or does fate have other plans? 

Wandering Amongst Imagination's Headstones 

What does an emergency room, a store front, a cold corridor, a sunlit ceiling, a tired nurse, a rocking chair and a woman running from the police have in common? Nothing. Then again everything, especially when you realize that it comes from the vivid imagination of Tim Sabados.

A Door of Shadow and Breath